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About The Active Gourmet Travel

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Travel should never be a rush from one place to another. It’s such a
pleasure to take time and savour the sights, sounds, traditions and
tastes of a region."

The Active Gourmet Travel traces its beginnings to 1992, when a group of
friends – calling themselves the 
Cycling Sybarites – began biking to wineries,
playing petanque and having sensational picnics in the wine districts of
New Zealand. 


Two years later, inspired by the success and enjoyment of these excursions,
Sybarite Gail Trapp established her business, and the first tour group headed
to France. 


Over the next 25 years, hundreds of happy clients have followed in their tracks
enjoying the unique blend of holiday activity and gourmet adventure.


Gail continues to design and coordinate tour groups, experiential travel and
self-led holidays, and is assisted by many travel and food and wine specialists
around the world. Her 'team' is now a well-oiled machine allowing the

active gourmet travel to give great value for money and an experience second
to none. 


Gail has a deep knowledge and love for food and wine, and a passion
for the diverse regions that are featured in the active gourmet travel portfolio. 


Email Gail today with your holiday travel plans and see what she can do for you!
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Our Mascot 'Hubert'

I am the hippo mascot of the active gourmet travel, named after St Hubert, who was born in Toulouse around 600AD.

St Hubert is the patron saint of hunters, so it's my job to hunt in the forests of France and Italy for very special places to cycle, walk and enjoy my beloved pique-niques.

Why would a travel company choose a portly hippopotamus to represent its company, you might ask? Because my sleepy, relaxed appearance belies an amazing turn of speed, and this epitomises the active gourmet travel's ability to move and change direction when needed. On tour, they say, you must expect the unexpected and relish it.




Keen on a personalised tour?


We will design an itinerary for you, tailormade to suit your needs, interests and time frame. You decide when and how long you wish to tour for, who with and on what mode of transport.


Or we can help you select the most suitable tour from our extensive portfolio of the very best of worldwide activity holidays.

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