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Oysters in Cancale

Tailormade Holiday Questions
Why use the active gourmet travel?

Our planning expertise will allow you to see the real country, off the
beaten track, without the time consuming hassle of sifting through the
confusion of the internet, trying to plan your journey yourself.


Planning a month in France with young children; we're worried they'll
be bored. Can you help?

We select family-friendly destinations for you – accommodation with
swimming pools, animals, other children. We try to reduce the length of
journeys and the number of changes of accommodation to make things
easier. An active gourmet travel itinerary designed for a family will include
a selection of local activities for the children, and suggestions for places to
eat that won’t break the bank. The French love children and will go out of
their way to assist.

We want to spend two weeks in Sicily next year. How will we know
where to go?

Once you have let the active gourmet travel know your interests and the length of time you have available for your vacation, we will design a detailed itinerary especially for you – from the glorious seascape of the west coast, to the majestic Greek sites, from the teeming markets of Palermo to a pistachio farm nestled on the slopes of Mount Etna.


How do we travel around?

Transport arrangements are designed to suit the particular places you want to visit – eg, fast train between key cities and a rental car to explore the countryside.


What sort of accommodation will we be staying in?

You choose: villa, hotel, B&B, chateau, we have a huge range of wonderful places from basic to super-luxurious to select from. We deal with some wonderful hosts.


Are the meals expensive?

Meals are available in a wide range of prices – you will be given a
selection of great places to eat, with opening days and suggestions for
sites to have sensational picnics.


How much will our tour cost?

That depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the

complexity of your schedule. Our job is to optimise your travel

experiences for the dollars you have available.


Why are most of our arrangements paid before we leave home?

This way, you know exactly how much you have spent on the

major things such as accommodation and transport and you

can avoid all the currency fluctuations.


Why shouldn’t we just do the bookings ourselves on the internet?

There are a huge number of possibilities out there and it is not

always easy to make an informed choice. We use properties we

know personally, or book through reputable agencies.

We know the alternative routes for you to travel to your

accommodation, and the best things to do in the area so your

journey is a seamless experience.


How will we know what to take with us?

We will provide you with a list of suggested things to pack for

the type of trip you have chosen. You will also get helpful hints

to help you understand the customs of the country you are

visiting to make your trip less stressful.


I can’t speak the language. How do I find my way around?

There are plenty of language apps you can download before you leave home and the ability to mime comes in very handy! You will find most people will help if you have just a few words. Most like to know they are dealing with New Zealanders.


My friends would like to visit me during the trip. How can this be organised?

We would be happy to do their travel arrangements so you have a smooth rendezvous, or provide details to allow them to track you down.


Do I have to carry cash around if I don’t want to pay bank fees for each purchase?

It is always advisable to carry some cash especially for markets and the smaller rural restaurants, but the travel cards operated by major banks and Travelex allow you to pre-purchase your holiday funds with just a single fee, though do not be totally reliant on them.


How can my family stay in touch with me?

Make sure you have a functioning Skype or WhatsApp connection.
Most places have reasonably reliable wifi but it is worth checking with your
mobile provider about global roaming. Some rental apartments have a 
phone number for incoming calls and your family will be provided with
an accommodation list with numbers for contacting you.


What if something happens to me while travelling?

It is mandatory to have adequate travel insurance on all trips we organise.
We can get a quote for you covering all possible risks you might encounter.  You should have adequate cover in place as soon as you pay deposits or airfares.


What if I have paid for my trip and I can’t go because of an unexpected event?

Contact Gail for assistance.

Le Mont-St-Michel.jpg

Le Mont-St-Michel


Meeting a local in the Loire


Cheese souffle made at a cooking school 

Loire boat .jpg

Boat cruise on the Loire river


Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

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Bordeaux vineyard.jpg
Prosciutto with fresh figs -dreamstimela
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