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Escorted Tours

By finding Gail Trapp at The Active Gourmet Travel, you have discovered the secret to experiential travel. No more holiday disasters, travel safety fears or expensive trips to disappointing tourist-invaded
hot spots.


Not only do we provide bespoke itineraries for the
independent traveller
, but we’ve also made escorted travel 
into a fine art – with your sense of adventure, love of cuisine
and good taste in mind.


With The Active Gourmet Travel organising your dream holiday
you'll be guided by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides
and, in some instances, you even have a chef travelling with you,
cooking fresh produce from food markets along the way.


More than that – to compensate for these glorious foodie
– our tours are active holidays including biking
and walking 
to keep you burning off extra kilos.


Come and join a group – it’s always great to meet people with a

common interest – or put your own group together and we'll 

provide the crew to show you around. 


Luggage and people carrier

Luggage transfer is taken care of by our ‘mothership’ minibus,

which is also available for transporting purchases, picnic fodder

and any tired bodies. If you’re a less active traveller, you are an

integral part of the group and there is always plenty to be involved in. 


As an added bonus, because you won't move have to different accommodation every night, you get the chance to mingle with the locals – perhaps even do some laundry! 


En route to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse


Picnic on the banks of the Loire

Take a look at our escorted tours in...

Keen on a personalised tour?


We will design an itinerary for you, tailormade to suit your needs, interests and time frame. You decide when and how long you wish to tour for, who with and on what mode of transport.


Or we can help you select the most suitable tour from our extensive portfolio of the very best of worldwide activity holidays.

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